Saturday, June 11, 2016

North Shore 2016

Memorial weekend we made a journey to the Minnesota north shore along with all of our 3 dogs. Needless to say, it made for a full vehicle with camping gear The weather was not great the first day with off and on rain, fog and then cold a night, but that is what rain gear and sleeping bags are for.

During this trip it was finally time to try out the new tent I bought last year, for the first time. This tent was great to allow space for an inflatable mattress and room for 3 dogs. I must also add that this Eureka Copper Canyon tent I got from REI is tall enough for me to be able to stand up. No more hunching over or crawling on my knees to get around in the tent.

First night under the stars in the new Eureka Copper Canyon Tent.After a day with rain with the rain and fog, we were fortunate for a clear evening look at the night sky, and were given a show with all of the shooting star like things passing by. Even one burned so bright like a flash in the sky and caught the eye of Erika's and I. Some of these long exposure night sky photos when looked at closely showcase some streaks of light going straight across the photo. I thought maybe there may been a meteor shower I was not aware of happening.
Our Milkyway

Focused on the North Star

This trip I had a goal to find a moose, to just see one outside of a zoo setting and get to at least say seen a moose in the wild. I thought the best place to do this maybe to set out on the Gunflint Trail road out of Grand Marais. Sure there are lots of trees, wetlands and lakes along the way and even a viewing deck by a pond we hiked to observe moose. It turns out it was not our day and our search continues as no moose were visible. 

The trip wouldn't be complete without a chance for the dogs to go swimming. Sophie and Aspen geared up in their Ruffwear lifejackets to brave the VERY cold Lake Superior water.
Sophie and Aspen enjoying the north shore of Lake Superior

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